Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why I run. No really, why do I run?

I've been running for 6 yearsish, give or take a pregnancy or two.  I love it and can't ever imagine doing anything else.  Then I hate it and wonder why any fool would ever put themselves through torture like it willingly.  Usually I feel the above and more during every run. There are a few benefits that I've discovered along the way.  Here they are in a completely random order, because after all you shouldn't expect anything less than random around here.
  • awesome looking calves
  • better math skills:  when you're driving somewhere you automatically calculate how long it would take you to run and what route you would take if you were running
  • Saturday doesn't start until you've had your long run, anywhere from 20 miles to 1
  • you can start collecting race shirts
  • when meeting a new person and discovering they are also a runner, you automatically feel an unbreakable bond especially when you start talking wounds
  • all of a sudden the people at the aid stations holding out sticks covered in Vaseline become your new best friends, raise your hand if you know what I mean
  • your kids think you won the race because you got a medal, they don't realize they give those to every fool who limps across the finish line
  • you get to know your body better, what works and what doesn't
  • it's just you and the road/ treadmill/ field/ dirt path
  • the injuries and the cool stories like the one about the day I met the troll that lives under the road (there was blood involved)
I love running, I really think I do.



  1. I think that the whole "Vaseline on a stick" part of running makes me even more glad I'm not a runner. BUT I'm not saying I don't respect those who ARE. If you like it (most of the time) keep going!

  2. Is that like Jalepeno on a stick?? :) I'm sure I'll find out about it soon enough. I'm signing up for my 5k today.

  3. Maybe I should try running again, I haven't done much (any?) of that since our cheer leading days. Do you run in the morning before the kids wake up? Is that why you posted this at 5am!? You're pretty awesome Kristen.

  4. Remember that awful hill? That was torture of the worst kind. I still have nightmares about hills like that. On the weekends I get out early but most of the time I just head to the gym after dropping the oldest off at school. I don't know what's up with the time, it's off by a lot! A lot a lot.

  5. Collette and Anjie, you make me laugh.


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