Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Gift/ Talent/ Skill

Join me in analyzing these pictures.  And parents out there, please try not to hate us for taking perfect family pictures with children who always look at the camera and smile...  

Okay, that was a lie.  Check it out.

 Who knows what my boys are looking at.  The Knot Princess looks relaxed and Pinky, she's good at shrugging her shoulders.  Moving on.
 Oh!  So close, if only the baby had been looking at the camera and if Pinky were smiling.
 Almost had it again.  Son!  What is going on back there that is so fascinating?  Also you're killing my back, your 40 pound body is feeling like a 1000 as you're leaning into me.
 So close yet again.  This time their heads are at least pointed in the right direction.  Sort of.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I can't even remember the last time we had a successful family picture... or the last time we even tried to take one. You were very successful given the number of little ones you were working with.


  2. Ah, but I see that you and Greg have mastered the fine art of looking at the camera and appearing happy, no matter what is going on around you or should I say "on you"?

    Now you just need a photographer who is willing to do what it takes to be more interesting than whatever else is going on around you. Fire-breathing comes to mind.

  3. Ha, too cute! You have a beautiful family, even if they're not all looking at the camera. :)


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