Monday, June 13, 2011

How long is too long to still have baby weight?

My baby is turning two this week.  Which means we should probably stop calling him "the baby". 
As in "someone grab the baby before he dumps out the milk" or "who let the baby in the bathroom, he's in the toothpaste" or "if you don't want the baby to bite you, keep your fingers out of his mouth".  You know, regular stuff like that.
As the youngest of 4, this kid is learning some survival skills.  Things like if you want someone's attention it's best to just get in their face and give them a kiss.  They'll notice you for sure.  You should also be proficient in the use of the word "NO!"  It's useful for those times of stress and overload, like when your mother is making you sit still in church.
I'm making the coolest cake for his birthday.  Right now it's still in the crumb coat stage but it's shaping up to be pretty incredible.  I've been taking pictures, hopefully I can show them to you sometime this millennium.

Happy Monday!



  1. We still call our baby, now 15 months old, the baby. We sometimes call Kathryn a baby too. As in, "I'll take the babies and you take the older kids". But she insists that she is a "little girl" now. I think the only way to stop calling the youngest child "the baby" is to have another baby. =) We had friends who called their 4 and 5 year olds "the babies". They were kids #6 and #7.

  2. By the way, that lion costume is super cute! And, did you edit the pics? They look nice.

  3. Thanks, I've become obsessed with photo editing, it's super easy and makes the mediocre pictures I take with my phone look better. At least I think so.

    Having another baby is on hold so I guess he'll just be the baby for a while longer... Sad for him, good for my uninterrupted nights.


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