Monday, June 27, 2011

I Have a Secret

Listen carefully because what I'm about to tell you will probably get me kicked out, blackballed, shunned and all around removed from the "Good Moms Who Do Cool Things With Their Kids" club.  Actually there's no club like that, I don't think, but I'm bucking the trend here, I know that for sure.  Here is my dark and shameful secret. 

I don't like going to the park.  In fact I'd rather do anything like laundry or scrub my stove or laundry or clean up dog vomit.  Okay not really on that last one but do you get my level of dislike for green spaces with playground structures?

Let me explain before the hate mail begins, we have a perfectly great backyard with grass, trees, swings, slides and a sandbox.  So why do we have to load up and drive (there are none in walking distance) to the park when we can just walk out the back door? 

In said backyard there are no high places where my too adventurous for his own good son can fall.  Also there are no unknown puddles at the bottom of the slide, especially worrisome when it hasn't rained in days. 

For the record I do run around and play with the kids, I go up and down the slides a bazillion times, I squeeze my "had four kids and really likes cookies" body through tubes meant for short people, I laugh at my kids and I love to see them having fun with new friends but the whole time I'm checking the sky wishing a freak summer blizzard would appear. 

I want to be one of the moms that loves to be at the park but I don't think I have it in me.  Maybe my amazing cookie skills will make up for that...


President, Founding Mother and Sole Member of the Society to Outlaw Mysterious Puddles

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  1. You always make me laugh. The ONLY time we go to the park is when it's an organized "park day" with friends. That means that I get to chat with other moms while all our kids run around together wearing themselves out. Of course, I still have to watch them and help them (especially the littlest ones). I don't think the parks here get used nearly as much as the parks where you live, so I've never worried about mysterious puddles. (We only go to the ones with bathrooms). Plus, there are 3 parks within 5 minutes drive of our house - one in walking distance.
    So, I can understand why you feel that way - I would never go 'just to take the kids to the park'. There has to be something in it for me (I'm so selfish!) Besides, we have a great backyard now too. =) So, next time I'm in town visiting, let's NOT meet at the park. I'll just invade, I'm mean...come to your house/backyard.


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