Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Calm in the Storm

When tragedy strikes my mind starts to race and I think about the frightening world we live in.  Then I take a deep breath and peace returns.  I remember that there are many things out of my control and that bad, horrible, awful things happen to really good innocent people.  My finite mind offers no explanation for the hateful actions of our fellow citizens of the world.

But here's what I can do.  I can love my family.  When they leave the house I want them to know just how deeply they are connected to me.  I don't just say the words "I love you", I also fold their laundry and feed them.  I give them a soft place to land when the world gets too rough.  I remind them that we're in this family forever and that it doesn't end when mortality closes.  And when I lose my temper and scream in frustration I apologize and tell them how sorry I am.

Today, that's all I can do.

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  1. God bless you for this. I am not even at a place where I can think about it, let alone internalize and then write about it. I am still struggling with the tragic shooting in Connecticut. Remember a time when attacks and tragedies like this were something we heard about once or twice a decade not on a monthly or weekly basis? It makes my heart hurt! You are a wonderful mommy and it's easy to see how much you love your family and what else really can our families ask of us?


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