Thursday, April 11, 2013

We prefer Miracle Gro...

If you link to someone's blog, say two days in a row are you considered a stalker, a weirdo or just a devoted follower?

While you ponder that, let's channel our inner eye so that we can see the beauty in the following.

Bump progress report with obligatory hand on bell.

22 weeks (plus a few days)!

My favorite flower, hands down.  No stinky roses for me (although they do look pretty so if someone wanted to bring me a bunch...)

Happy Thursday!

Now go back to Cari's and check out the other talented folks on the w squared plus one.



  1. You're looking beautiful, as always.
    Is that a hyacinth? Oh gosh, I love those. A neighbor brought one over for me the other day, and it makes the whole house smell wonderful.

    Keep up the baby picture updates, ya stalker.

  2. Great bump shot!
    Love hyacinths too, mine are just about to open too.

  3. I love both those pictures. Close but not quite finished yet. :)

  4. Congrats! and enjoying this linkup with all the flowers because I am buried in snow here in MN.

  5. Awwww...22 weeks. The honeymoon period! I so loved being pregnant at that stage. I hope you are basking in the joy of that little tummy! Soon it will be all kicking and jumping and all the really fun stuff! Yay! And those flowers make me completely J because I have what my son affectionately terms the "black thumb of death" which prevents me from growing anything living successfully, except maybe children.

  6. Great baby bump pic and how lucky you are to have flowers blooming. Our weather hasn't been too cooperative for that to happen yet.

  7. Both of these photos are absolutely gorgeous. You are such a cute mama. :-)


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