Monday, July 8, 2013

Recently (or a classy photo dump)

What's wrong with this picture?

Let me set the stage.  It was just after 5 in the morning.  I didn't sleep great last night, who does at this stage of pregnancy?  Finally, I have several pairs of running shoes, maybe it's time to go through them and consolidate a bit...

Nope, I didn't change them.  I did my workout and just snickered at myself whenever I thought about my shoes.  For the record, let's define "workout": it was a mile and a half in 30 minutes.  My former marathon self is shaking her head in disgust but she'll pull through, she's been here before.

Step one of the classic barn fowl game.

Step 2, let the fun begin.

The first annual backyard camp out was born last week.  You'll notice there's not a place for me.  That's because my pioneer ancestors would be ashamed of me for sleeping on the ground (while expecting a child) when I have a perfectly good bed inside.

The fun lasted until about one in the morning when the thunder and lightning started.  The campers relocated to the family room floor.  I stayed in my soft bed.  It was lovely.

The rain kept coming which led to the following.

Miraculously no one fell and no blood or tears were shed.  Like I said, a miracle.

Nathan is convinced that he fits.  It could work right???

Are you still with me?  Good because here's what we do everyday.  EVERYDAY.  Because it's hot and the alternative is My Little Pony.  

I prefer skinny kids in swimsuits.

Happy Monday!


PS- future generations should know that Grant isn't a fan of the pony show, that would be his sisters and his easily influenced brother.

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! Now I know for sure we are truly soul sisters. My post tomorrow is about how I wore mismatched shoes to the dentist last Tuesday. The last time I did that I was about as overly pregnant as I would imagine you are right about now. The kicker this time? I have recently lost 26 pounds and can very clearly see my feet and yet, still wore mismatched shoes not only ALL DAY LONG at work but also to the dentist where I sat with my feet up in the chair for an hour, and finally realized around 7 PM when I looked down. Sheesh! Glad to see a post from you! I've been wondering how you are! :)


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