Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Pony Personality or Why My Daughter Thinks I Need To Get A Life

During our action packed weekend, my six year old gave me the Perfect Pony quiz from Sparkle World Magazine, definitely a literary gem in the works there.  The point of this quiz is to "find out which pony (My Little Pony) you are most like by doing this fun quiz!  Answer the questions to discover your pony personality".  It begins by asking "do you like drawing and painting?  Yes or No" then you answer and follow the arrows according to your answer.  Things were going well until we got to the question "Do you have lots of fun with your friends?  Yes or No" 
I answered yes.  Then in the slightly snarky, but innocent way only a six year old can have, my beloved child says to me "Momma, do you even have any friends?"  Um, ouch.  That was painful.  We never finished the quiz.  I guess there's no pony to describe me and my anti-social ways.

In search of a friend so that my daughter won't feel pity for me,



  1. It's mathematical: there is an inverse relationship between the number of children and number of friends. And kids under age 6 count against 2-6 friends per child, depending on the difficulty level of the kid. In other words, if you do your visiting teaching and talk to another grownup at least three times a week, you're doing really great! This too will pass. But just for the record, I feel your pain.
    PS. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. So you're saying that because I have 4 children I'm already in the hole 24 friends? Shoot, I don't think I even know 24 PEOPLE!

  3. I have to disagree with children having to be under the age of 6, I think all children create this deficit. To balance things out I count among my friends the other Mommies at the grocery store who look like they'd be willing to trade their screaming child for a loaf of bread - some times a common facial expression is all it takes to feel like you're momentary soul mates.

  4. Soul mates, I love it. A loaf of bread, beautiful.


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